1. Summer Knights [Prod. By Chuck Strangers] (1:56)
  2. Waves [Prod. By Freddie Joachim] (3:32)
  3. FromdaTomb$ (Feat. Chuck Strangers) [Prod. By Chuck Strangers] [Scratches By Statik Selektah] (3:25)
  4. Survival Tactics (Feat. Capital STEEZ) [Prod. By Vin Skully] (3:23)
  5. Killuminati (Feat. Capital STEEZ) [Prod. By Knxwledge] (2:34)
  6. Hardknock (Feat. CJ Fly) [Prod. By Lewis Parker] (5:18)
  7. World Domination [Prod. By MF DOOM] (2:43)
  8. Pennyroyal [Prod. By MF DOOM] (2:50)
  9. Funky Ho'$ [Prod. By Lord Finesse] (4:29)
  10. Daily Routine [Prod. By Chuck Strangers] (2:58)
  11. Snakes (Feat. T'nah Apex) [Prod. By J Dilla] (4:19)
  12. Don't Front (Feat. CJ Fly) [Prod. By Statik Selektah] (4:22)
  13. Righteous Minds [Prod. By Bruce LeeKix] (3:44)
  14. Where It'$ At (Feat. Kirk Knight) [Prod. By J Dilla] (4:09)
  15. Suspect (Feat. PRO ERA (Capital STEEZ, CJ Fly, Chuck Strangers, Dyemond Lewis, NYCk Caution, Kirk Knight, Rokamouth, T'nah Apex & Dessy Hinds) [Prod. By Chuck Strangers] (11:47)
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23 comments on “1999
  1. Pro-Dee#1 says:

    Tape Of The Year…Great new look 2 the site

  2. Josh Smith says:

    Keep doing what y’all are doing! I can feel the passion. This is hip-hop. Point blank. Y’all are real MC’S

  3. Nicholas says:

    Changed My View On The World! Great Music while Being Zoot!

  4. Danny Ingram II says:

    This Album is Hands Down One Of The Best Male MC’S that brings true meaning of hip-hop to the modern age. For me i like all music of all genres and this album ill give it a 5 star rating because its has unique beats and lyrics and upbeat urban situations. Secondly the man Joey Bad-ass is a beast on the mic with his lyrics and stays true to the current situations of the times that we are living in. I’m from Chicago and this paints a map and life issues of new york like flatbush,queens,harlem and so on. Joey Badass keep making new albums and keep on pushing cause you are the best and you remind me of Nas in which who speaks intelligent. and Joey badass needs more support and he will be one of the greats that is yet to come your way and much love peace!!!!!!

  5. Squat420 says:

    Please release this onto a vinyl record. I collect all my favorite rap albums on vinyl and this is a must have in my collection. I dont care how much money it costs ill pay it!

  6. YoungFLVCKO says:

    So excited for the new album!!!

  7. JoziWaNda says:

    ..Im a nigga from South africa,nd igotta say da hype is crazy!..appreciate ya’ll music #brooklyne is where im at.# where da fuckin’ gunz at?…hahaha

  8. DJ Kirkman says:

    anyone know the codec you have to have to download this? Every time I try, I don’t have the right codec and is it all one track or is it actually separate tracks?

  9. george luis says:

    Can u get this on vinyl ? hope so best album in ages

  10. Glenn says:

    Love to see this on vinyl. Not sure what it takes, but I need to spin this with the rest of my 90s records

  11. G VERA says:

    I didn’t think i’d ever like anything else besides 90’s rap / hip hop/ underground but dam this lil Joey kid knows wsup. he’s got ALL the rite influences and projects his shit exactly what hip hop is supposed to sound like (all the way to Las Vegas!). keep it 100 and NEVER SELL OUT dude ..

  12. BohemianF4d3 says:

    Joey!! Put this on vinyl bruh, everyone and they moms will buy it

  13. Andy says:

    Print this on Vinyl or CD and id buy it. PLEASE

  14. mara says:

    yo you should make this into hardcopy i would buy it in a second

  15. anthony says:

    Yo make this into a vinyl copy and I’d definitely buy

  16. FLYDO PIES says:

    That ACapella part in “Hardknock” is a classic. I’ll support you until the end

  17. jonathan Chavez says:

    Hands down one of the best Mixtapes/Albums, I have ever listened to. This is my Shit!!!

  18. Manraj says:

    need to start making vinyls man you guys killin it

  19. Peter Nhep says:

    This is probably one of my favorite albums. Should make it into a vinyl.

  20. jake moss says:

    You need to get this on vinyl!!!!!

  21. Mike says:

    Vinyl. Put this on vinyl. Sell it and many, many people will buy it.

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